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appliance repair service garfield, nj

Our laundry appliances expert can take excellent care of your dryer in a jiffy. Call us for dryer repair in Garfield, New Jersey.

  • Is the appliance not heating enough to dry your clothes?
  • Is it overheating?
  • Do clothes smell bad after the cycle?
  • Does the cycle take long?

Whichever dryer problem keeps you from using it, turn to Appliance Repair Garfield NJ. We are equipped and Dryer Repair Garfieldtrained to service dryers regardless of type – independent units or combos. Our techs are knowledgeable and updated and thus can handle problems related to most brands. And our services are not limited to repairs. We also install and routinely service clothes dryers to ensure customer safety and excellent appliance performance.

Call our company whenever you need dryer repair or installation services

  • We provide dryer repair service in Garfield and will go out of our way to cover needs quickly. Rely on us to fix the dryer as soon as possible. Our company offers same day service in most cases. Our techs have the equipment to diagnose problems, remove lint, replace parts, and handle trivial or complex issues.


Trouble with the combo laundry appliance? No worries! We provide washer and dryer repair and will carry the right replacement parts for your own model.


  • Since the performance of the laundry appliance but also your safety depend highly on the way the dryer is installed, give us a call when you get a new one. We can schedule dryer installation at your own convenience. Our pro will take into account the appliance’s specs and go by the book to ensure the dryer is set right for both safety and convenience purposes.


  • Just like any other appliance in the home, dryers wear over time. Their parts might corrode and break down. And so regular maintenance is a good choice for keeping the appliance running.


But you have one more reason for trusting our dryer service. These appliances get clogged when lint is over-accumulated inside the tubes and this problem will obstruct air flow making the dryer unsafe.

Your dryer is such a useful appliance. There is no need to experience sudden problems and gamble on your safety. Give us a call and our Garfield dryer repair technicians will take good care of everything.